Not Here Anymore




You dare reach out to me?

Keep away you couldn’t stay

So keep away

You say I am not who you knew

You say I am being mean

You know nothing of what it’s like to be me

Forget who you knew

Hes not here anymore

He died with your departure

And I made sure he stayed buried

The halo has fallen

Horns have risen

Love is gone

Hate is ever present

Fogive and forget?

No I forgive and remit

Remit from being stupid enough to love

You’re not allowed in this life anymore

You just need to hit the door

Leave flowers for the one killed

 Because he’s not here anymore

Author's Notes/Comments: 

comments on the poem are greatly appreciated 

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If love leaves and turns to

If love leaves and turns to hate, well it wasn't love at all, maybe covetousness.

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I am pretty sure you

I am pretty sure you misunderstood the poem. It not saying that love left and returned as hate. I am pretty sure you just inferred that. Its saying that Love is dead or gone altogether. That is to say my love for the girl that this poem is speaking to is no longer present. It did not turn to hate it was replaced by it. Two different things. I have no idea how you would chalk it up to covetousness when coveting something is wanting something that belongs to someone else. There is nothing in the poem to indicate that the person the poem is speaking to belonged to or was with someone else...maybe you need to re-read it.