Am I So Worthless?

Am I so worthless?
That I deserve to be ignored
Just what should I do
To be adored
I see the ones that get all the love
I have more than them
But you will never see
Because you to blinded by your vanity
I am as deep as the deepest sea
But you seem content
To chose a pond to do your fishing
Ignored and rejected
Time and time again
This is where my pain and hate began
A never ending cycle
You people have what I need
And refuse to give it
It is my hatred that you feed
I don’t know what curse
Causes you to reject me
Like I m worthless altogether
I just know it brings such pain
That only numbness makes it better
My emotions I hide
Because I have enough pain inside
For what I give
All I receive
Makes it harder for me to live
Same song different verse
Every person does the same
Once I give it up
Its my heart they always maim

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