Beyond the Visible Side



I think that they can see me,

The "one" I've tried to hide.

Hidden below my surface,

Beyond the visible side.


I bring her out sometimes,

Just to see if she's still there.

She's hiding for so long,

Seeking shelter, love, and care.


I want so much to send her,

Packing on her way.

But she is such a big part of me,

I know she's here to stay.


I try to send her back,

In the recess of my mind.

But then there are those moments,

She's never hard to find.


I put her behind a barrier.

She's safer in that place.

She'd hidden behind a smokescreen.

Yet she's visible in my face.


There are some now that know her,

Have seen her saddened eyes.

She tells them that she's doing fine.

But they know its all lies.


I only want to keep her safe.

Because she's felt such pain.

She doesn't see the sun too much,

She's been so dampened by the rain.


And so I'll just protect her.

Be her friend and guide.

But I will always keep her,

Beyond the visible side...

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hurtandlost's picture

i have been trying to hide

i have been trying to hide her too, but it is causing me too much pain and I am working on being her friend.. love how you can easily express what the heart longs for, poems strum along well:)