These Tears

Soul Poetry

Deluged by waters, unstill,

yet, still running so deeply,

I begin to allow them

to be my submerging.

I care not, if the depths

overtake me.

I care not,

if they be my drowning-out

of the pain which threatens

to flood.

These tears are no match

for thoughts of brighter horizons,

for the waters have overflowed,

muddying my banks

and saturating my soul.

They wring me till I'm arid

in a sandstorm of emotion.

They empty this vessel,

leaving the bone-dry sensation

of barren desert mirages

flickering through my desolate spirit.

My eyes are depleted sockets,

void of moisture now,

staring out into this vastness

that is abandoned emptiness.

This consuming pain has become

my un-doing.

This hollowness has become

the echo of every noiseless droplet.

These tears have become

my only recourse of any consolation.

Let them drag me under.

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