In The Darkness, Reality Beckons

Soul Poetry

Soundless stilling of night

echoes throughout this abode,

reverberating off my chilled and aching bones.

It rattles me to the core

while reality seeps silently in,

awakening any slumbering and wayward thoughts.

In such pitched hue, all of life's cruelty

becomes all too knowingly apparent

and mocks me from the shadows.

The shades of my existence are drawn down,

but reality sweeps them up-wards in one swift motion,

leaving me lying there, bared, cold and vulnerable.

It pokes at me, in a cruel taunting

of what my existence really is-

that of suffering, that of pain, that of imperfections.

It sheds no light upon these darkened paths,

paths which I must tread alone,

for no one knows the route, but I.

In the darkness, reality beckons,

forcing me to acknowledge what I already know to be true.

Forcing me to see through the murkiness.

Forcing me to admit my defeat

to something so much stronger than I.

And into that darkness...I succumb.

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