Somewhere Among The Stars

Grief & Grieving


You twinkle in my dreams.
From my heart you're never far.
I know that you are watching
from somewhere among the stars.


You never experienced life,
anywhere outside my womb.
You were taken away from me,
very much too soon.


You never felt the touch,
of my hands upon your face.
You were needed in Heaven,
a better and safer place.


I remember every movement,
as you stirred inside.
I can still hear your heartbeat,
its echo will always reside.


I recall that day so vividly.
I thought I'd never survive.
When my doctor said so quietly,
'Cathy...Your baby is not alive.'


Now, so many years later,
it's still so hard to believe.
Tears for you still fall-
For you, I still do grieve.


But, my tiny Angel Baby,
it helps to heal my emotional scars.
Just knowing you are watching,
from somewhere among the stars.

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