Live In The Moment

On Life and Living

Sometimes I sit here,

and ponder the past.

Remembering the good times,

all the tears and laughs.

Life seems to fly swiftly,

in only the blink of an eye.

Our time here is very short,

so quickly it passes by.

You have to live in the moment,

take it day by day.

Grab hold of your chances,

or they simply slip away.

Find your niche in life,

and give it your very best.

Expect that there will be failures,

which will put you to the test.

Take not a thing for granted,

for in a second it could disappear.

Tell those people you love,

that you hold them dear.

Don't plan your tomorrows,

but live in the here and now.

As if each day were your last,

all that time will allow.

And always make it a point,

to put your own heart first.

Or you will get lost in the shuffle,

of this fast-paced, busy earth.

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Cherisse Unger's picture

I love what you did with this piece of work, it is so right to the point. I was just thinking on what else to write and I just might write something like this, but in different words and meaning.

piece, love, harmany

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Amen to that Cathy! Beautiful poem!