Searching For My Somewhere

Soul Poetry
Somewhere taunts,
like fairy-tale endings,
dangled like a carrot...
just out of my reach.
Never within' my grasp,
it awaits,
on plains I've
not yet, with these feet,
Lost horizons loom
like heat-hazed deserts-
always a mirage
wisped away
just before I arrive.
Miles to go,
yet in no direction,
these well-worn paths, so far,
have led me
only here to nowhere.
I've stumbled along pebbles
in the sands
of my time,
which slowly wane down
with each eroding grain.
Deserted islands,
of uncharted courses,
where waves wash away
the fantasy sand castles
I've built upon.
Mystical lands,
of legends making,
turn far away
like dog-eared pages
in my novel, unwritten.
Somewhere, its said,
there's a place for all,
though yet, have I,
to come across
its welcoming shores...
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