What Will They Do With My Ashes?


It sounds morbid, yeah I know, but when

you have an un-curable disease you oft

think about your death. You stare it in

the face, its stares back quite coldly.

So I, by thinking of death was struck

by the question, 'What will they do

with my ashes?' Cremation is what I

want. After all, who wants to lie so

cold in colder ground becoming another

maggots meal? Surely not I. So when my

body is reduced to ashes, what then?

Will I be placed in a pretty decorative

urn to be set on a mantle or coffee

table, stared at by those who glance

it? Will I be transferred from home to

home ('Its your turn to have Mom.')

Or maybe they will divvy me up into

smaller urns (probably Tupperware) so

they can all have me around even if

it just a bit of me. And what if my

husband ever remarries? Will his new

*choke* wife use me as an ashtray when

he's not looking? Will I 'accidentally'

be knocked over and sucked into the dark

cavity of a Hoover? (after all...it is

hard to pick up ashes out of a rug) Will

cat toy with my lid, swat me off the

table playfully then reach her paw in

(cats are curious) sniff her paw,

sneeze then wander off confused because

she knows my scent, but can't find me?

Will they take my ashes someplace real

pretty to scatter them in a breeze so I

can blow in the faces of unsuspecting

people who have no idea the remains of

a dead person are lying in their hair

like dandruff? Maybe I'll just be placed

on the back of a high closet shelf (out

of sight...out of mind) because its too

painful to look at my urn everyday and

remember? Hmmmm....maybe cremation isn't

such a good idea...but...oh...the thought

of those maggots wriggling in my remains

makes me shiver. So....I guess my final

resting place will be that pretty

decorative urn on the table, on the mantle

p assed around, sectioned out in 5 parts

equally, filled with cigarette butts, in

a Hoover, used as catnip, getting in

people's hair or pushed away on a shelf.

What do I care? I'll be dead anyway. So

long as they don't throw me away so I wind

up in the local county dump. Like I said,

'Sounds morbid' but hey...if I don't ask,

this question, who will?...Cathy Faist 11/13/02

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