Soul Poetry

If a river were an escape route,

I'd get myself a raft.

And float away from everything,

upon my little craft.

I'd hang my legs from off the side,

and dip my toes right in.

I'd trail my fingers through the current,

to feel the energy within'.

I'd splash a bit and make some waves.

Maybe dive head first,

Straight into the water,

just to quench my thirst.

I'd swim around awhile,

feel the rivers pull.

I'd take a sip, now and then,

and drink till I was full.

I'd drift along among the rapids,

rolling along my way.

I'd flow and ebb with the tide,

Until I reached the bay.

There I'd climb aboard a ship,

and sit myself within'.

Just ride it up the river,

and start my journey again!


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