...I Want You



...I want you.

Like I've craved,

Like I've desired,

Like I've wanted no one,

-ever before...


I'm simply insatiable

when it comes to you-

to your lips,

your mouth,

...that tongue.


I hunger-

for your scent,

for your touch,

for your taste...

...I become ravenous.


I'm so needy,

I'm so wanting,

I'm sooo yearning,

For you, just you-

All of you.


Like a thirst

I can't quench,

I'm utterly parched

with needing you-

Needing to drink you in.


My appetite

is more than whetted,

yet never sated-

for still I'm starved

to feast upon you.


...I want you-

Again and over again.

For I will never tire

of my sweet indulgance,

of my guilty, delicious pleasure.


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