Coloring Outside The Lines


I'm tired of the rules and regulations of life.
Don't alter from the norm.
Don't rock the boat.


This 'neat and tidy world'
has long now been

disheveled disorder.


So with crayon in hand,
I'm gonna make the grasses blue,
make the sunlight purple.


Tint the seascape blood red
and the cliffsides
a pinkish toned mass of confusion.


I'll turn the skyline upside down
and let trees dangle,
limbs reaching for hell.


I'll draw a line,
somewhere in the sands of time
and then I'll cross it, just to be daring.


I'll turn circles to squares,
so the sun is now boxed in
and the moon, entrapped.


With steadfast determination,
I shall blacken out the stars,
since they fail to sparkle upon me anyways.


I'll change the rain into mud,
the flowers to thorns,
then prick myself upon them, just to watch me bleed.


Mother can't stop me,
Father can't scold my recklessness
of thought, nor action.


Its my box of sixty-four
and for a change-
I'm coloring outside the lines!


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MajesticDravon's picture

Great write

Very creative and full of images.  Great work.


I am an artist of words as well as paints.

cathycavalcante's picture

Thank you very much. :)

Thank you very much. :)