Divorcing From The Pain


I did more than my very, level best,

But I simply could not conform,

Not to a so-called, married life,

That was no longer, of the norm.


When it over years, quickly became,

A lifetime trial of tears and coping,

I finally got the nerve and gave it up,

After years of empty words and hoping.


Far too much, emotional-bashing pain,

Took a depressing and weary toll.

That left me love and affection-bereft,

And feeling so much less than whole.


The scars like those, so often inflicted,

Are the kind no one, can visualy see.

Unless they cared, to bother to notice,

The despair and desolation, inside of me.


But then, I finally awoke and said,

"God, I just can't take this life anymore."

So I set my sights, on starting me over,

Then I walked on out, that prison door.


Now life awaits, blossoming before me,

Like a Spring meadow, after the rain.

I'm dancing here in the wildflowers now,

Divorced from the hurtfulness and pain.



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