Tell Me Momma...

Grief & Grieving
Is it everything we dreamed of, Momma?
Did you finally touch His face?
Are you holding all my babies,
In that beautiful, Glorious place?

Is my Andi/Andy my son or my daughter?
Of that I most so long to know...
But oh, I know some answers are only for,
When it comes too, my time to go.

What color is your mansion?
I bet it's painted a shade of green.
Are you decorating it all so pretty,
With more roosters as the theme?

Did you see your Mom & Dad
And your sister, Susan there?
And tell me, Mom...does Grandma C.
Still have that white head of hair?

I wonder did you meet anyone famous,
That also knew personally, our Lord?
Like the Reverend Billy Graham,
A man you so admired and adored?

What do you get to do each day?
Is it all laughter, fun and praise?
Or do you each have a job to do,
Beneath our Father's watchful gaze?

I know there is no hunger there...
But do you still get the chance to eat?
Oh, I imagine if that's really so,
Every Heaven meal, is all the more sweet!

Are you running in fields of clover?
Or traipsing through a sunflower field?
Are you able to do things you could no longer do,
Now that you're made anew and healed?

Please tell me Momma, all these things,
Even if you tell me when I'm sleeping.
I so long to hear your voice again,
I miss you so much, I'm always weeping.

I wouldn't wish you back here though,
Because Heaven is where I also long to be.
But someday soon, I'll see you again,
When our Jesus comes too, for me.

Until then, I'll rejoice and miss you and cry,
For no one but God, ever loved me like you.
Tell me Momma, will you hold me a place?
For I can't wait to get up to Heaven too!

©Cathy Cavalcante Aug. 16 2020


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I miss you so, so much, Mom. THIS IS SO HARD!!!! Cry

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  a poem full of love and


a poem full of love and devotion .... as well as talent