a hunch

I've been giving this my all for way too long
need to speak my truth to you
you're a piece in my puzzle
but we could never get the whole picture
I could never get the whole picture
because I'm not who I need to be 
when I'm with you
I'm stepping into something new
can't see too far ahead
but I see through
what you say and do
Now I know it's not for me
I can't be apart of your
perfect family tree
I cannot picture more than two or three
because now is the time
it's the right time
for me
I think I'm on to something new
not chasing after, but running to
a new direction
steeped in fresh reflection
I was your little flame
now I'm this fire, gonna roar
you know what they say about windows and doors
In just two weeks I'll be free
In my own little (corner) space
where I can just be me
for me
I'm not the peace for your puzzle
and if not for me
I think I owe it to my mother
no sin or saint will take me under
I'll baptize myself 
in all this water
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