Sakura Fall

Diagon Ellie

Have you ever been in love? It feels like ya high above the towers/Then you place no one above/You swear if you could only get an hour/To do some convincing without simpin or saying bullshit/Just gotta show ya pimpin and get her to the whip and drive slow to ease tension into a full flip/Birds come surround you/whenever she's around you/And when you take her out, niggas lookin they can't clown you/When it comes to her it's something/She's soft spoken, but she's like a cigarette, she keeps it Marlboro 100/Gets all in ya lungs/ it feels so good when blackens them up and you can't tell if they're lies or do they really mean something/But you stumble in

Now you'll never feel alone/You pray that she is somewhere close or near her phone/You call her bitch and hoe, it's kind of joke/But it's all good to her because you know that she's yo's/Cuddle in paintings on her bedroom wall/Shower her in the towers just hoping that she'll drop a towel/Her ass fat, her hair's curly and long/You make a joke saying she's the sexiest fur ball/And she slaps you playfully and goes to put on a song/That'll get any woman to give it and get it all/You watch her bite her lip as you ease ya hips/When the bass drops in Bria's Interlude, ya speed ya dip/And after ya done you step out and smoke a cig/And reflect on the connection and you kinda dig/Slipping away to a vacation where relaxation begins
You think about it and its all gone/You run outta ideas and just play ya favorite songs/Seems the only feeling as great as her is hearing a NERD song stoned/You say fuck her she ain't shit, lie to yourself/The money you get is cool but you despise the wealth/The situation crazy a bitch made you despise ya self/Seems baby girl was actually good for ya health/She left because she had better things for herself/Her needs for attention grew as the Cherry blossoms fell/And she swears she still loves you but it's not the season to be under you/And when she comes around again it feels like she's uncomfortable/To get her love again, you promise it'll be an unfair fight/She'll say it's hard and swear on everything the time isn't right/You'll say it is because you finally got ya mind right/And joke and say you pretty good with a butterfly knife/Man fuck the third person, CeCe I need somebody in my life/I've had my fun amongst the brothels and bright nights/But that's all in the past, in the hind site/Yeah, I look good in public, but I wanna share the lime light
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Just playing the field. 

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