Sol Badguy.


It's Casper here, we haven't talked in awhile
I know you're too busy being amused, infatuated by your new guy
He's fly and I'm not
I'm just weirdo with a backwards hat wearing tube socks
Yeah, it seems like I'm mean, but all in all, I'm just broken
Even when I'm with my niggas
I still feel token
I'm secretly an old soul that spends his nights toking
Trying to communicate feelings but I always go unspoken
Like my voice box is nothing, all the noise stops
It's something strange when you come around
I go from happy delinquent to sad clown
Help me up right now
My head is in the clouds
I'm not even high, my thoughts are consumed
By how you walked away, let me wipe this rain off my face

I'm Sol Badguy
He's so mad fly
Eyes toward the sky
I'm just a pawn in the schemes that you have set by

I'm idle in my thoughts on this zombie walk home
The streets are neon lit with people but I still feel alone
Girls contact me, try to hit my phone
"Like where you at Cass? I'm on the first floor,"
I'm in the lobby of my penthouse suite
Yeah she's Monel sweet
But the bitterness is far too deep for me to go deep
It's my third night of no sleep
I read these texts from you and I refuse to weep
I feel like should but it seems
I'm deprived of what life really means
Every word that you speak
Is like swords cutting through the seams
This is my second cup of lean
I'm mindless
I need to give my mind a rest
So much on my mind all because my heart left

I'm Sol Badguy
He's so mad fly
I'm just right there
As you walk by
I'm on standby
Eyes toward the sky
I'm just a pawn in the schemes that you have set by

I'm sick of being that last resort to a fuck that you missing
I'm done with everything, so many fucks I have given
I wish I could give back this lonely life that I'm living
6th bottle of beer and I'm feeling mighty livid
I'm sitting in my room, cigarette in hand
I'm in this fucking booth with dry tears on my hands
I'm at a sold out show with so many fans
But I still feel alone
I still feel alone

Too drunk to think so can you sign off for me?
I wish I had someone who could find the time for me
I'm losing myself to this life, hope I'm not dead by twenty
You held me down, how could you ride off on me?
I'm angry as fuck, wishing death upon homie
I'm sick of being salty, C'mon Cory!
Get ya shit together, man
Maybe the next one will understand?

It's not just you, it's everything that you came with. And everything that you left with. Smile, kid! This is the life!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Being a faggot as always.

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Take the rhymes inside the

Take the rhymes inside the line, rhyme anywhere, not just at the end, it will be interesting when the rhyme just happens - the mind clicks and before you know the whole poem is full of fine double words inside like: "my voice box...the noise stops". Perfection. Faggots are brooms...see dictionary (niggahs has an "h"). O well, it was almost a rap song, no it had a lot of lyrics, definitely a rap song. - allet



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I dont think ur being a

I dont think ur being a "faggot" i think ur putting ur thoughts on paper b4 they r lost n forgotten. This is a good write. Dont try to hard to rhyme...its not always important. Just make sure u keep writing!!! :)