Not who I want to be

Anger coarsing through my veins
growing more with every breathe i take
rip away the mask
so it doesn't look like im hiding behind stain glass

nails wanting to rip her now cold flesh
to feel the warm of her blood
running over her soft skin
she screams knowing no one will reply
at this point she is everything, but fake

tears slowly running black, drip to the page
but no one will see, no one will hear
a rage deep with she struggles to fight
i don't want to harm myself anymore

breathe your life into me
and bring me back to where i'm suppose to be
the monster staring back at me
is not who i want to be
but it is in

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Love this one, that split

Love this one, that split personailty of who we are and who we have become walking both sides of the line.

brings back memories.... well done


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Thank you! it means a lot. i

Thank you! it means a lot. i just connect how i feel and put it on paper basically.


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Enjoying reading what you

Enjoying reading what you express, If anything gets you down, there is always a positive somewhere deep down inside to balance the scale, stay tough !!!