12 now  years ago  you left this earth on your finale trip to heaven!
I just wanted you to know I love you and miss you.
Through the years you worked two jobs for the love of your family.
You took time to laugh with us and sometimes when we had troubles
You cried with us.  But you always found time for your family.
I remember your soft gentleness of your hands on mine
And saying comforting words “Don’t Worry everything will be all right!”
Somehow I knew I didn’t have to worry with you on my side.
Your love for the outside finding the beauty in just the stillness, capturing it with your camera so you would not forget the moment. I know you liked going to the big hill in Harvard. A place not so far away,
But a place to escape the daily stress of life.   A place to feel your peaceful inner self.
Your love for airplanes and our Sunday rides to any airport.
I say the greatest gift you gave me is the ability to show kindness to others always putting their needs first and not expecting anything in return.  
I feel your love, guidance, and understanding me for what I was and what I am now.
I like to feel I got all your good qualities inside me that make be a better human being, Kindness, Loving, giving, gentleness, strength, humor, driving, adventurous, Generosity, Courage.
Thank You Dad I Love and Miss you!

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Absolutely beautiful ode to your Dad! Reread your piece toward end noting the phrase "human being" it's not "bean" that's a veggie it should be "being" which refers to the individual. You can go into edit to change that when you have time..