Here I sit
All alone, in the dark
Waiting for a call
A call from someone who cares,
But it never came.
I found a knife
And looked for a good place
A place to cut away these feelings.
When I found that special place,
I cut myself
I start to bleed
Then later I feel dizzy
Then nothing.
There I lay, in my own pool of blood, not moving
My friends and family see me
Just laying there, not moving, not breathing
All bloody, all cut
And I was no longer with them,
I died, died a bloody death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this at the lowest i have ever been. after i wrote this my parents took me to a shrink and i got over all my problems. don't get me wrong i still have problems, but i controll them better now. if u feel this way talk to someone don't keep this inside, it would do more harm than good. if u ever fell like life is just not ur thing, give it a chance it might end up as a happy ending.  written 11-21-2002

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