The fixture

I walk in arrow of the time that covers words sublime sublime we order rustic reason folly to our own truth traveling trusted dainty dustless.


Why does the arrow fly?

Why did the sparrow sing the sigh?

Who made the mortar of my flesh?

Why did God believe my mess?


Witches rambles cat and blackened, salem Gods of witching wells...



Cast your spells, direction perfected action of the belief in a most high door die, diadem.


Order asylum for my phyllum, genus canis lupus ad litem...


I am a coward fixed on falling frames of masterless confusing phrase.



Why God did make that meter map... My scallop scourage massive tap...


I am so tired of gaming girls to make the curly curling curls.



Speak easy Tom and Jill deny!  Faster fly agraric pi.


3.14 why? semper fi?  Code of justice wrapper bucket...


Blame and bluff, by many thereof...


So smooth and shiny, I cried a lot.


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Meaning Elusive

But "Why did God believe my mess?" made me smile alot!



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You make me

Wonder why