This I say today my flight, capturing the magnificent 


Subtle, sundry, savor salad... Pressing down the rocking ballad ballet

Froth and foam, ancient Rome... Peace and ponder glacier roam


Adverb entry, peace and sympathy... Pressing lips of eros plenty


Proctor, gamble... Rabbid ramble, fluster peace and roster rumble..


Mommy daddy puppy tumble, bee and bumble rubber relish...


Speed and spite might open order, oslo norway checks mex and border


Peace the find, tongue umber ocre... 5 card poker plotter roper..


i wish i had a mommy dommy daddy dumble baby bully...


Peeky popper piper proper, pace and fade the wishful wander...


Alas, the somber sullen...

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fun 2 read

smiled   s



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Hi allets!!! Kitty catty

Hi allets!!! Kitty catty missy meow!