master faster time and rush, the flower petal raster rush

tapping taming liken faming, ruse of roth and mother moth


placid favor, disease of flavor... rancid apple, bastard apple

Fever failing plough and primer prose of master, master finer


taming timer, belief of diviner

sage and sorrow, brother borrow


Cane and abel, goose and fable

reason waning, order table


the sorrow sallow feast of mallow rotten blunder of the gallow

neptune rising, cyan blazing


Speed of light, flight of amber

fire and bellow, blitzing blight

current phasing, master night


Your space and vector plot my sorrow, shrine of fabled faster fellow miner


golden heart of sulton salt, appeasing rocks of seasoned faults


case and statement, appoint embankment

reporting lustre, master ointment


appoint appointment, fellow jointed, double dollar

Rolls and royce the bacon voice, cross of mary... sulken voice


create my choice you dorking noise, feasable potential of prancing prowess

Heart and chalice, feasting malice... malice, web, port and phallis.


deleting trail of lute and flail, hammer sail


rusty nail.



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I Googled Salton Sea

A favorite movie, Mecca California :D ~s~