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When life is an up-hill battle
think about the down hill slopes
good things can come and unravel
while you dance on the churches of popes

Thinking is the mind‘s trickster
taking you to an unknown place
understanding and trying to fix her
is no good when she‘s got a pretty face

Finding the friends that you need
is faster than building your own
going around with mind full of greed
please let your mind to the roam

Drops of peace
handful of sadness
teaspoon of regret
and a bunch load of feelings
can make a pretty great place

Getting to know someone takes some time
finding somebody to love
as a poem i guess this should rhyme
but nothing should rhyme with love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just wrote these from the top of my mind and didn't edit after the writing. it may not make sense to you but this is what I was thinking ;)

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drops of peace

a handful of sadness - I'm developing a poetic glow...off the cuff is sometimes the best way to create - Lady A

i used to dream
in technicolor
now i dream
in shades of you.

an off the cuff poem for you - A
understanding has one i