Seraphim nervously welcome him

The Persian Gulf War raged,- and Tim was there

And made our missiles against Saddam flare.

A decorated hero, -dear to all-

But now condemned as ruthless criminal.

Why did you do this deed, Tim please explain?

Why did you cause such suffering and pain?

Returning from the war, fatigued and spent

Your heart turned so against the Government.

Small farms’ foreclosure, unpaid rents called in,-

And penury perhaps for friends or kin,-

Ingratitude   -   indifference-

Can make the staunchest hero lose his sense.

Past traumatic syndrome and its strain,

The Persia Gulf War fresh in memory’s lane,

Big disappointments and some stresses more,

Besides frustrations  rushing to the fore.

The day arrived, when all the world aghast

Heard of the bomb’s destructions and the blast

That plunged, submerged so many in a sea

Of suffering and great calamity.

They caught you soon and justice held its sway,

At first delayed, but then no further stay;.

They gave no time for you to comprehend

The import of your deed and to repent.

The Government its fearful promise kept

And had you to a lethal gurney strapped;

Invited witnesses to view your death

And to observe you draw your final breath.

To stare you down,- to watch you squirm and cry

Was the intent,- but lo! - it went awry!-

Stare down condemned a man is blasphemous!

For it denies due awe the Prince of Death

No speech, no speech at all, - no single word-

A written poem only, - Praise the Lord!”

The glass was tinted, and the “Process “ short

Your friends you saw,- but not the watch cohort.

The Lord writes straight with many crooked lines

But none can set the limits nor confines

To prayers rising up, nor to the plea:

“Please Lord be merciful to Timothy!”

© Elizabeth Dandy

This was written during the hour of his execution - St. Dismas stood next to him   (St. Disman, the Good Thief, crucified with Christ  is the Patron Sait of those undergoing  execution - see my poem "THE EXCON SAINT

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written at the time of Timothy McVeigh's execution

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God must grieve daily over all of us and our sensless bigotry and opinionated statements. This is very thought-provoking.