Cana - the Wedding Feast

A glorious day it was, and merrily

Resounded flutes and pipes and tambourines,

At Canaan in spring-time Galilee -

With flowered meadows and fresh sprightly greens,

The Galilean hills sloped round about,

And  merry guests clapped callous work-worn hands,

A village wedding feast,- a happy crowd

Delighted in the banquet and the dance.

Jesus Himself was there, and several

Of his disciples’ gallivanting band;

His mother too,- and in the well-stocked hall

Lent  counsel and experienced a hand.

The wedding party kicked into high gear-

A cantor praised in song King Solomon,-

But disconcerted stewards in the rear

Began to whisper: "Lo! - the wine is gone”.

A banquet is so cheerless without wine,

Woe! if the golden precious draught gives out,

And generous hosts’ repute is on the line

When jars are empty and dried up the spout.

The mother,- watching wineskins, jars and cask-

Saw the embarrassed stewards at their post-

Remembering the “Seek ye knock and ask”,

Got up to plead for the unhappy host.

Faith spurred her loving heart- she turned to Him-

To Him, her son, the mother did incline;

Who can fill up all vessels to the brim,

And whispered softly: “Son! - they have no wine!”

His time had not yet come, but Mary she

Unwittingly precipitated it,

Out of her motherly great sympathy

With people in embarassment and need.

At first it seemed, denied was the request,

Unheeded passed the mother’s whispered plea,

But then at length He slowly  rose and blessed

The water in the jars - and all could see-

Its color gleamed a bright incarnadine,

The stewards tasted and the crowd was hushed-

The wine was strong,- its quality the best-

The water saw its Maker’s Face and blushed!.

© Elizabeth Dandy

Our Life on Earth is a Wedding Feast!

Cana Wedding Feast (Jn.2)

The change of the "Eternal Plan of God":

    The Epistle to the Ephesians tells us about the perfect eternal plan of God for salvation, to restore everything in Christ. At Cana, the time of Jesus to start his ministry  had not yet come, as Jesus told his mother in 2:4. But He changed the eternal perfect plan of God because His Mother interceded!.

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Yes this is a beautiful miracle
.. one of many wrought by Mary's compassion
evoking her Son's power

He did not call soldiers heroes
.. whose word is violated by execution governors
whose word is violated by all who eat animals

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I vivited a magnificent wedding at Cana today. The food was plentiful, the wine smooth and sweet. Thank you for inviting me. Linda

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I cannot find the words sufficient to describe the beauty of this poem. I am just stunned by this one; my silence is the tribute I offer to this one! Wow!