Selected Excerpts and Quotations from "The Clay Marble"

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~"Sure, but the fun is in the making."  - Jantu Kem

~"Come on.  How can you dream if you don't learn to shut off the thoughts you don't want?"  - Jantu Kem

~"When the rain is falling,

When the rice is growing,

When the day is done,

Then my little one, my lovely one,

Will come home to sleep — and dream."  - Jantu's lullaby

~"Things that can break are not worth taking.  It's only what you can bring inside of you that really matters."  - Jantu Kem

~"Of course you're scared.  It's a scary world out there.  But we're here, and we're stuck with it, aren't we.  We've got to do the best we can do, out of what we've got."  - Jantu Kem

~"It's kind of a secret sharing, that's all.  I just don't bother to tell the people that they're sharing their things with me.  Anyway, food's meant to be eaten by the hungry."  - Chnay

~"I haven't had much to eat for days now.  You know how it is.  If you don't have a family, nobody bothers to feed you."  - Dara (protaganist aged 12)

~"Magic has a way of working for those who believe in it.  Maybe it wouldn't have been magic for someone eles, but you were brave and patient, Dara, and you believed in the marble, so maybe the magic worked for you.  - Nea Kem

~"There's no magic in that marble I gave you, or in this lump of clay in my hand.  The magic is only in the making of the marble.  You've got to do it on your own."  - Jantu Kem

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Clay Marble" written by Minfong Ho.  Although a children's novel (I've read this before a looooong time ago) there's a very deep lovable meaning behind it...

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I read this too! - Kevin