Chess Pieces

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I rule as king in battle with the other side.

I am the black king that will win at all costs.

A draw is utterly unacceptable.

One side must surely win.

Let's head into war once again if it appears so.

Using every strategy and tactic I can think of my chess pieces head off into war.

Go forth, my pawns as you are the foundation of my stronghold.

Without you, I am powerless as a leader.

My honored knights, defend your black king.

Your specialized strength fortifies my victory.

You amongst my subjects are the bravest of them all.

Out in the battlefield you lead my army.

Oh wise bishops, advise me of your personal intelligence.

You are precious when it comes to our kingdom's affairs.

Your power to slip behind enemy lines is truly remarkable.

Like spies, you secretly snipe our foes.

And my rooks, how can I announce this?

You protect me as my personal body guards.

You defend me willing to sacrifice your own lives.

You are my most faithful.

Nothing can stand in our way as we fight for our triumph.

Finally my noble queen, you are my puissant mate who is determined for her king's victory.

We head off into war as one.

Protecting each other, supporting each other, dying for each other we shall never fail.

I am the black king, you are the white king.

Prepare yourself.

Shall we play?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on the afternoon of December 16, 2003.  Also inspired by Katherine Neville's novel I really love, "The Eight."

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