Ducks, Where Do You Go?

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The ending of autumn and the advent of winter

has awakened my thoughts.

So I wonder ducks, where do you go?

Do you stay for the winter cold or

do you look for the summer warmth?

Do you still linger within the partly frozen pond or

are you afraid to see the forthcoming winter destroy your needs?

Around the lagoon I search for thee.

As the setting sun beats down its ambient rays,

I search and I ponder.

Soon the sun loses its warming rays.

The setting sun slowly drifts out the horizon.

The wintry breeze appears clasping the earth.

Nightfall has awakened.

Darkness lurks behind the golden hue

and summons the chilly night.

I continue and walk beside the pond's shore

gravely thinking where they go.

Near the pond, hostility takes its place

snowing the evening away.

The night cold stings my flesh and bone.

Wouldn't that be the same for them?

Sadly, not one sign of a duck breathed before me.

Living through this experience I perceive

the answer to the question that confused me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This sounds like a truly weird poem but this poem actually deals with J.D. Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye" if you ever read it.  The poem is symbolic for the concept of "the coming of age."  Not only that, but include the ducks as well!!!  The ducks head out into the world when the time comes to leave (winter time).  The coming of age, as everyone will eventually experience, is something that is exciting, simplisitic, and seemingly "common sensical" but at the same time scary, complicated, inevitable, and frustrating depending on the situation.  This is a poem I wrote in high school.  Enjoy.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

I haven't read the titles you've listed, but I like this poem. I like how you question and get the reader to think. I also like your descriptions. Good imagery.