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Sealed away in an empty room surrounded by walls, Fanny sits kneeled upon one corner.

She leans against a wall desperate in her mind.

Misguided by an 'empty truth' she stubbornly holds on dearly to it.

Driven because of this truth which, in reality, is a falsehood, negativity spiraled around her.

But just because this truth was empty, there appeared something truly 'sweet' about her.

Outside these walls life goes on by.

People walk to and fro oblivious of the walls before them.

Unbeknownst to these busy persons was Fanny inside her walls.

She hears these people, and while trembling, decides to communicate with these outsiders.

From her dark, lonesome corner she shouts her words.

Her messages echo bouncing here and there.

The words and expressions become twisted and contorted until it escapes the confines.

The outsiders hear and listen.

Unable to understand the message, the people place judgements on it.

Then, as if nothing significant happened, the peoples go on either indiffiferent or misinformed.

Poor Fanny is left alone.

She became misconstrued.

She remains behind the walls forever unable to cry out.

What's worse to her woes, the persons outside fail to see her 'sweetness' she had all along.

Can't the outsiders perceive that she's just like them?

Like caged animals in a zoo, onlookers on the outside don't understand.

They go on scoffing these strange creatures whose hope seems lost.

They leave these creatures apathetic to it all.

What becomes of these creatures as they wither away in silence?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please refer to Sherwood Anderson's novel, "Winesburg, Ohio," for an understanding...

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Excellent work. Reminds me of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 'The Yellow Wallpaper'. You should read it if you get the chance.