Giganatos Cactusoronite: An Itch Relief Haven [Anniversary]

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A trusty, overgrown back scratcher

under extreme arid heat

where fellow kitty cats forever

a resting place shall meet.

Surprised from far too well

with a monumental satiety

that irksome itchiness is dealt with

in endless remediable variety.

Yet tongues hanging parched

salivating over much needed water.

Constant dehydration slowly unfurl

within a severe burning desert.

Perspiring gallons and gallons galore

a routine to liquid salty surplus.

Signals of medical unhealthiness

to kitty cat bodily functions.

Amazing phenomenon can you believe

costing these cats' nine lives?

Scratching the days away meowing

pitiful dried kitty cat cries.

Focused remarkably on scratching

ignoring conspicuous accumulating thirst.

It must be a truly horrid state

to die the desert curse.

Later bodies are carried

off into the grave they go.

Familial cats are mourning

just as the weeping minister spoke:

"We must now and forever cherish

our own dear fellow cats

for they have suffered hedonism

indulging to oneself they all stack.

Seeking their uncontrolled pleasure

their consequential death is exposed.

Pray that they may fall

into an eternal cat repose.

Let us say our farewells

to our own beloved sybarites

before they all fade to nothingness

because of Giganatos Cactusoronite."

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I like this, again. - Kevin L.