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I'm no poet. I do play guitar and compose a little. I'm just a man who has lived a life that has had some ups and downs. I have loved, I have been lucky that way. I have known passion, lust, love and many times, that's where I'm lucky. I have no special story to tell, I just found that this is great therapy for dealing with the feelings I have. Some of them are confusing, so writing them down is a way of talking with someone about them. Even if its more of a statement or confession if you will than a conversation. I have found myself in a role of mentor, and through that, and admiration and in part an infatuation. Its not wrong, feelings cant be, but its identifying and dealing with it that that is the issue.

About My Navel

Well, I hate to say this but I find its cute...I cant find the words I'm rendered mute.

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I don't have any favourite poets. Really the only poem I know off by heart is Mulga Bill's Bicycle, by Banjo Patterson. I play and compose on the guitar, very therapeutic.


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