I am free,

beacuse I crossed the seas 

I am here now

Sun and sand

Rough and land


Days and the murky waters fine

The cards of the Pharoah like my own tarod cards

The river stream hit the walls

Lying in the bedroom thinking of the scene:

Wearing black and his casual in the park.


The sword man wearing a white suit,

It reminds me of the Empire of England

Getting away and touching this soil

This autonomous place of the youth


She looks at me with deep big black eyes sparkling

and the force of a mother, seeing her child passing away

freeing herself from God.


He's so endless

There sometimes faster 

her "love" so blaze

Sleep with me and him 


Divine intervention got her out of her promise

A " new love' came with inspiration

She laughs that night and is high

Unable to let go of him she goes to bed



She often thinks I am defeated

these men are powerful and her Universe

consents to her soul

The world entertains her  

as she must have their desire

she looks like honey caramel

Camealon, she crashes, she's

obssessed by life, letting go of pill, drink, book and men

She's happy it's her that is here tonight.   












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georgeschaefer's picture

Good for her!  Nice poem

Good for her!  Nice poem