-As Seen Through Finger-Printed Glass-

Bitterness is:  

When thought starts at the tip of your finger

and goes inward, to you and nothing but.

Someone broke the glass,

And it looked like it was pretty full,

or at least you think it was full enough.

Happiness is:

When thought starts at the tip of your finger

and continues

to the soft legs of the butterfly resting on it,

and to the world beyond.

You have a glass big enough

To fill all your friends glasses,

with enough left to share with a complete stranger

Frustration is :

Days when your fingers hurt

and you don't feel like doing dishes.

Sorrow is:

A broken finger

And a missing glass

  :   06/23/05

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How do YOU see?

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allets's picture


Has many elements that are engagaing and thought provoking. The story element is fine to see. How do I see? Just had cataract surgery on both eyes - I see quite blurrily and yes, somedays "you don't feel like doing dishes." :) slc



MvnK's picture


Hopefully that has sorted itself out a bit by now.Smile