Gather round

All ye wounded, as one

With those torn

And forlorn,

Who've been left undone;

All those

Swallowed up,

Lost within the abyss

Face the darkness

As we slip away

From the sun

Twilight comes

With the death

Of day

As we're left


To achieve

A life of more than this,

Something more than this...

Slowly adjusting to

The absence of light,

'Tis a want

That will haunt

Through the

Course of night,

As our eyes

Beg the Skies

To Quicken

The coming

Of the Morn

Clothed in contempt,

Some are left

Wand'ring blind

As they roam

The unknown

In the hopes

They'll find

A release

From the grief

A reprieve

From the violent Storms

-Of the hollow...

Odd as it sounds,

We've always

Been here;

We're just fine

Through the times

When love's

Light is near.

What waits ahead?

No one knows,

But we'll see;

For the Lives

We Lead

Will change indeed,

And the state

Of things is strange,

I concede,

But anyway,

I'd Still Say

I know just

Where we'll be


And vagrant souls

Of this oblivion;


Come what may-

We're not

The only ones...

And every day

Is A call to wake

And a chance to Take

Your bliss

The key

To Breathing

Freely is

To Appreciate Life's Kiss

-In the hollow

Welcome to the hollow.

   :   07/14/04

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life is what we make of it, and perspective can make the same life heaven or hell.  Choose your eyes.

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i am so very
gald that
you wrote this piece