There's a wee nip in the morning air
Looking at the 36 year old mango tree
Ten feet from the cakey ground
The sad spot where a branch was hacked
Now healed by nature a bump remains
Like the amputated stump of an arm
Was this the destiny of the branch ?
Close by on the same tree new leaves sprout
Like the armless man using his good arm
Morning sun sprinkles gems on new leaves
Come night the birds stop chirping
So have the squirrels stopped screeching
Natures magic spells are to be cast
It's so different at night
Man in their wood concrete cubby holes
Cannot witness the sprouting of silky leaves
In the early morning new leaves show
Man painstakingly searches for the ever eluding magician
He visits gardens orchards worship places
Magician nowhere found only leaves traces
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I scribbled this on facebook... Felt like sharinh with pp pals

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The bespangled leaf. Where magic lives. Bishu, thanks for sharing.