Another Day


Another Day

Another day is done

Late morn a frisky squirrel

fleeting across

the mango branches

Chirping sparrows

telling "All is well"

Pigeons fearfully perch

on my window sill

Dip their tiny beaks

into the water bowl

They fly away

at  slightest movement

Now they are sleeping

During the day

Frontyard overgrown

with freely growing weeds

for over 100 days

So many big plants !!

Grew on their own

Nature sprinted ahead

We humans fell behind

Yard now resembles

a luscious rainforest

But now it is dark

Yard looks like

black velvet blanket

Another day will come

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Typed on facebook.Retyped for post poems

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Sounds Like My Gardens

Gardener to be hired - cost cost cost. "velvet blanket" nice feelable image. 



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I visit your garden

I visit your garden at the dead of night to watch the flowers bloom.Gardener has cleaned everything.It is now spic and span.