Morning Light


Morning Light

The morning light

brought new hopes

Wishing to see some sign

Something in print

"Infection is abating"

But that wasn't to be

All wait with bated breath

for that happy day

Maybe I'll celebrate

Thank the Ooperwala

Maybe I won't live to see

The days and months'll roll

The Devil will take his due

But celebrate we must

The merry fortunate few

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had to delete this twice & retype it due to some technical glitch

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Only A Vaccine

We hurt economies to get hospitals ready for this. Those who could prepare may do no better than those who can't. Insidious lil bug. What if those infected "cases" develop the full blown disease and deaths rise exponentially? One Detroit hospital ran out of body bags and bodies were kept in freezer trucks - morgues and funeral homes overrun or refused to take infected corpses. Are we ready? I don't think anyone is ready.

Positive signs of vaccines is in clinical trials. Heard HIV infected man is free of that disease - oh the companies that will want that formula!

I have very clean fingernails from all the hand washings. So it goes. Stay safe!