Trams trundling along the Maidan

Peacefully at the set of Sun

Jayant is half asleep 

Lulled by the soft cool breeze

After his workloaded office day

Though it takes him over two hours

An hour by the tram route

From Dalhousie to Mominpur

Jayant takes a cab from Mominpur

Pays Sixty Rupees as cab fare

To his tiny apartment in New Alipore

Mornings he hails a cab for Mominpur

His neighbours think

Jayant commutes by cab bothways

Only his close friends know the truth

Jayant cannot suffer the sweating

Jostling for space in a crowded bus

He'd prefer a  pollution-free bicycle

But streets aren't cyclist-friendly

Jayant lives in hope...

There will be cycling lanes in Kolkata

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Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a thought of the reality of an office commuter in Kolkata

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For Commuters Everywhere

May the traffic flow and the spaces be fresh as air blowing agaist your face as you travel like a bicycler in Kolkata - :D


Lady A


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Read your PMs

Thank you❤ for your kind words. Yes I'll write something. First jab taken. 2nd jab awaited. Be happy my good friend