Not Just A Word

Trying to find the right words to say

without making a total ass out of myself

without meaning something insincere

but trying to say something sweet

I know it'll take a while to trust me

and you know it'll take a while to trust you

there are "prettier" girls out there

but they have a heart non-existing

stuck up within their vanity

not living, but just there to be a pretty picture

eye candy that will destroy you and leave you broken

ten thousand minutes destroyed within a day

destroyed by a thought, a kiss, and a yes

I am sweet and short, but not simple

I have the complexity of a rubix cube

you just have to find my combination

I am kind, affectionate and loving

I am easily hurt, so please be gentle

I just need a place to rest my weary heart

no, not just simply a place to keep it, a permanent residence

A someone to give it to, and honestly..

I'm hoping it's you~<3

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