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We are a collective. We write, recite, and fight guns with butter words, that take eons to accommodate change, or even notice. So if it's of the essence to see change in your life time with your eyes, commit an act of blood shed violence or allow violent acts where you seep blood and suffering allowing the way for a witnessing of some sort of immediate change to unfurl.
We are many things. We are the BANDOFPOETS!

Sort of Anono like, but totally on the poetry side. And not even SLAM. We just read our stuff. More like studio poets. Yeah!

About My Navel

Well. We are all human and so we have them. Even if you don't and are not human we'll still consider you friendly until/unless you prove us wrong.

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UM HUM web site is fine us on facebook and on youtube same name

email us at

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

Just BOP. What ever we doing, and promoting. If you not with us you against us. So sign or die. Like Ruff Riders used to say Ride or Die.
Remember people.

The only constant is change. And the purpose of all life is to learn!

Also know. God does not care about you the individual, that wouldn't be fair; but us as a collective - share, that DNA code yall. That's all for now.
BOP Peep bandofpoets on youtube for our favorites. Poetry CDs 4 sale.. Indeed


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