Dancing with Snow 2011

Missing the words that use to chill my worlds
Longing for the dancing fingertips
That belong to the one woman that reached
Into this blueberry-tea red haze clogging me

I watch the snowflakes dance all around
I stand on this Highway, intoxicated in the memoirs
Deep into these chilling ice fragments
Falling into the tears coming down onto me

My world freezing them against my flesh
Creaking the armor as I move, pulling the Bal'dons
In this fiery anger, all I know how to do is make ashes
In times when I had that one soul that could tame me

Now I feel left drained of the peace of man I was
The calm monk I once was, the man without the raging beast
On this Highway there is no one for stretches of long gauntlets
All I am is one blacken snowflake dancing Shay'Tana's claim

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