Asking for advice -- NOT A POEM I REALLY NEED ADVICE

All my life I have considered myself proud of my

creative writing skills. Lately, over the past year or so, I have had the worst thing a writer can have...a major form of writers block. I have tried to get rid of it. Everytime I sit down to write, NOTHING comes mind goes blank and I get the worst form of anxiety panic attacks running through my brain. What if I can't write anymore? What if my talent is gone? What do I do to get it back? What if it never comes back? Why can't I write anything? I'm so upset I feel like crying. Writing is my life, my one true love, and I feel like it has abandoned me. Please help. Whatever advice you have will be very welcome. Thankyou!

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I experienced this a while

I experienced this a while ago. 

I know the pain. I eventually gave up ( for nearly a year)

after many attempts. Then one day,

I meditated then had a beautiful bath 

Took my notebook and pen for a wander and sat at the beach

my mind was clear and almost scarily empty. Then I wrote

withiut even thinking. The piece wasn't brilliant but it helped

me get my game back. I hope this helps in some way. 

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ty so much. I will have to

ty so much. I will have to try this. I don't live by a beach, but I do live by a lake...maybe I will take the time to go out there, since the weather is getting nicer. :) *sending you a friend request*

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Considerable Prose

on the topic of block is under Allets's methodology that offeres ways to loosen up the creative juices. Reading other writers help, changing form, write letter, notes to dead people you once adored, a diary, reading prose out loud...hey, the discipline of writing requires such extremes. Thanks for accepting my freind request - Just Bein' Stella



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Thank you for the advice &

Thank you for the advice & for adding me as a friend!