Who Are We Really

The lovely landscape of my life
So unpredictable, unusual
Charismatic, is if brushed by a modern impressionist
Combined the rainbow colors in the easel
All the brushstrokes, in motion, not quite discernable
Molded from the hues and contrast of the elements

Witness earth curvature n earthiness within us
My scream at birth, the chuckle of the babe
The nature to persist,
The will to go beyond from innocence to what ?
Curious, investigative, ever growing
Eager as I ascend the tree of knowledge

I want to reach farther beyond,
even where I cannot”
“Who am I really?
The lover, the parent, the leader
The builder and the destroyer
Nature has given me the tools of pro-creation

Yet I, we are time bombs.
We flutter, driving hormones and testosterone
The chemical boost in our paring
for love, closeness, and friendship, loyalty
Yes, we find each other and relish in our companionship
Always daring combative to scale another mountain

Creatures of the earth we return to the earth
Still we ask ourselves
” Who are we really?”
What is my goal in life?
“Where will I be five, ten years from now?”
Yet all life, my life is finite , so precious before all evaporates.

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Finite in length, eternal in

Finite in length, eternal in depth.