Dismay to Hope (Trump Syndrome)

Listen! Harken! All ears!
Twist as best knowledge
Desires flounder before our eyes
Dark negative tear wet my soul

Shocking, unexpected
Be it a new dictator
Announcement of demons at our door
Disease or pestilence creep

Yet how low, how deplorable, despicable can you be
One man, one country so in danger
His steering, slightest turn of the wheel
Into accident and calamity

Yet just accord the was majority one
Euphoric, executive-a new order
Chains broken, change, experiment
Now leader, laws, direction

Will the downtrodden middle class prosper?
Build roads, bridges, water system
Election, clean up inner cities
Train and back to a decent school

Education free extended
Military overwhelming, tax system simplified
For middle class and, but upper lot get it

Stock market up, gyrations
National debt extended, more borrowing
Decline, global warming made up
2-3 million immigrants with criminal records

Inflation, handle homeless 2 million
More prisons and jails
Tariffs and trade wars dislocating
All is up for grabs

Enough speculation
Times are great and sound
Ambivalence, chess game
Luck of the Irish

A greater amalgamate interracial world
Bigots will rise, hate mongers spread their waves
Calamities and disease
All sound and fury the makings of the greatest drama on earth

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Bragadoccio is all, hot air and the world watches and thinks, what hppened there? usa is a republic and France wants the Statue of Liberty  back, held in escrow until Trump is in prison. Only the presidency keeps him free, the rest of us sorta havta wait for it. We can outwait him. We are resilient that way. - slc