Go be a hypocrite
Condemn varieties and deviations
Fondle, feel, foul – you love them
A bit of cheating, an occasional lie
Ridicule and destroy your enemies
Badmouth, threaten, steal
The contrary variant of life
No acceptation of imperfections
Yet the folly of the non-existing perfect

Poor white as the pristine snow
Utter and write most complimentary applause
Thrilled and elated at the newness
The potato scrap pile
Discern and walk quickly
No hold up – make a speech at the corner
Landing the good fickle reception

Yet so much water under the dam
Talk of happy, healthy thoughts intrude
How great is this and that
Instruments more effective
Writing and verbiage exciting
Complimentary teaching “not easy”
Thinks will get better – much better

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Very good. I certainly

Very good. I certainly learned a few thing from your poem, life things. It's also written nicely. Thanks