the run away

Sometimes I feel I need to leave
To run far away without reprieve
Bombardments, far too much pressure
Without relief nor break nor leisure
My brawny system starts to measure

They razz, they criticize, take away earned prize
Exaggerate, sometimes even tell lies
All to demean, while rising up themselves
While I, downtrodden, melt into helpless elves
To their satisfaction but my lousy reaction

Dare leave my love and cozy habitat
Scurry and hide like an emaciated rat
Yet as I travel, I eagerly escape
Avoid procedures and red tape
With free spirit address my next adventure

Of course, I’d take money and credit card
Avoid new conflicts from the start
And live most primitive like a homeless guy
For a change let the world pass me by
Just contemplate the meaning of it all

Instead, vicariously, I’ll dream away
In simply a tent, in total silence stay
Half-empty stomach, yet rich in vision
Have ample time, no forced decision
Frivolous, carefree, without derision

Even love and beauty in my mind will come alive
In this new world and space, creative thoughts soon will arrive
Since I’ll be one at one with nature and the elements
Experience the hot and cold with no pretense
And all the while, I’ll absorb and simply smile

No, no I simply haven’t got the guts
Plain run away? Just provoking thoughts
I must be nuts!
Yet, I could revise my life in simpler ways
And be reborn in a new and budding happy blaze

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