I wake up.,

Rolling back and forth in my bed.,

Cold hands pressed against my face.,

I fall asleep and get into the shower.

Wake up as I get out.

I fall asleep on the way.

Go to class..

Theres only one thing on my mind at a time.,


Time goes by so fast.,

Like when you wake up

after a long nights rest.,

It feels like you didnt even sleep.

Im scared..

Its too fast for me.,


Every once in a while

I wake up.,

Back to reality.

And i dont remember

Being unconscious.

Out of it.

Working, School, Friends.,

I dont remember much.

I know what I did.,

But I dont remember doing it.

Im asleep.

Im unconscious.

All the time.

Just metaphorically though.

I am right now actually.,

Sitting here typing this.,

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October 19, 2010

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