The frost not only touches,
it burns, it puncures,
It gives you feeling.
you sit there in a ball
trying to block everything out.
the fact that its tearing you apart
makes you feel useless,
the same way you made me feel,
with nothing I could do.
you shiver from the coldness,
the same i endure when your not around.
and you think to yourself this is the end,
as I did before.
but as suddenly as its there the frost melts away.
and you notice your more alone than before.
you want it back.
and then you understand,
that you are my frost,
and you keep coming back.
but when I think I have you,
you melt away.
and I'm scared again.
But I know that in some form
I will always have you.
it might not be physical,
but in my mind or my soul.
But youll be there.
i cant keep you away,
and youll be my frost,
that will never astray.,

                                                 ---I Love You "         ",
                                                                 My personal frost.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

August 2, 2010

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