!!! []The Flecks [] !!!

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[]The Flecks []

  by asaihati on Sep 16, 2001  

[]The Flecks []


When a substance is put into the fleck,

there is not a way to let go,

accept the examining door,

Mixes the air and the substance,

and mix the soul of the air in its depth,

over drinking is nice for the chest of the jar,

It freezing the souls events,

and give it a wonderful image of beauty,

as if you mix a perfume with another perfume,

It sautés the one in love and fulfills,

the skies, of her quality,

Then she inters the fleck,

to be bracken,

But, the pits that belong to the air well go to the air,

holds the sunrises,

to go back and put the dots on the letters,

Don’t get mad,

Who plays with the air become a substance within the air





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